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County Seat:  Anoka
Other Cities:  Andover, Bethel, Blaine, Burns Township, Centerville, Circle Pines, Columbia Heights, Columbus Township, Coon Rapids, East Bethel, Fridley, Ham Lake, Hilltop, Lexington, Lino Lakes, Linwood, Oak Grove, Ramsey, St. Francis, Spring Lake Park
853.3875   Control Channel
851.9375   Alternate Control Channel
852.3875   Alternate Control Channel
852.8875   Alternate Control Channel
Frequently, during an event, the Anoka County Sheriff's Dispatcher will move traffic to "L E Tac 1."  They are referring to the
P Tac talkroups listed below. 
00032   P-TAC 1
00034   P-TAC 2
00036   P-TAC 3
00038   P-TAC 4
Anoka County
00802   Anoka County Sheriff South Dispatch
00804   Anoka County Sheriff Car 2 Car
00806   Anoka County Sheriff Info
00808   Anoka County Sheriff Main Overflow
00810   Anoka County Sheriff North Dispatch
00812   Anoka County Sheriff Common
00814   Anoka County Sheriff Tac 1
00816   Anoka County Sheriff Tac 2
00818   Anoka County Sheriff Tac 3
00820   Anoka County Sheriff North Metro Drug Taskforce
00822   Anoka County Sheriff
00864   Anoka County Sheriff Police Car 2 Car
00866   Anoka County Sheriff Police Admin
00884   Anoka County Sheriff Common
00886   Anoka County Sheriff Jail Main
00888   Anoka County Sheriff Jail Admin
00890   Anoka County Sheriff SWAT
00892   Anoka County Sheriff Dive Team
00894   Anoka County Sheriff Reserves
00896   Anoka County Sheriff Encrypted
00898   Anoka County Countywide Special
00900   Anoka County Countywide Special
00902   Anoka County Emergency Management
00904   Anoka County Roaming
00906   Anoka County Fire Main
00908   Anoka County Fire Tac 1
00910   Anoka County Fire Tac 2
00912   Anoka County Fire Tac 3
00944   Anoka County Fire Service Multi Group
01006   Anoka County Fire Special Ops
01008   Anoka County Fire Roaming
01010   Anoka County Public Works Common
01012   Anoka County Highway Dept Main
01014   Anoka County Highway Dept Surveyors
01016   Anoka County Highway Dept Admin
01018   Anoka County Parks Main
01020   Anoka County Parks Police
01066   Anoka County Public Works Roaming
01068   Anoka County Court Security
01082   Anoka County Coure Security Admin
154.280    131.8    Anoka County Fire Dispatch (Crosspatched to Digital System)
855.4875  131.8    Anoka County Parks ***Analog***
City of Andover    
00914   Andover Fire Tac
00946   Andover Fire Admin 1
00976   Andover Fire Admin 2
01022   Andover Public Works
City of Anoka    
00824   Anoka City Police Car 2 Car
00826   Anoka City Police Admin
00868   Anoka City Common
00916   Anoka/Champlin Fire Tac
00948   Anoka/Champlin Fire Admin 1
00978   Anoka/Champlin Fire Admin 2
01024   Anoka City Public Works
01078   Anoka City SWAT
City of Bethel
00882   Bethel/St. Francis Common
00914   Bethel Fire Tac
00950   Bethel Fire Admin 1
00980   Bethel Fire Admin 2
01026   Bethel Public Works
Bethel Fire:    368.5/539.0
City of Blaine    
00828   Blaine Police Car 2 Car
00830   Blaine Police Admin
00870   Blaine/Spring Lake Park Common
00920   SBM Fire Tac (Spring Lk Park/Blaine/Mounds View)
00952   SBM Fire Admin 1 (Sprink Lk Park/Blaine/Mounds View)
00982   SBM Fire Admin 2 (Spring Lk Park/Blaine/Mounds View)
01028   Blaine Public Works
Burns Township
01030   Burns Township Public Works
City of Centerville
01032   Centerville Public Works
Centennial Lakes Police covers Centerville, Circle Pines, & Lexington
City of Circle Pines
00832   Centennial Lakes Police Car 2 Car
00834   Centennial Lakes Police Admin
00878   Circle Pines/Lexington/Lino Lakes Common
00934   Centennial Fire Tac
00966   Centennial Fire Admin 1
00996   Centennial Fire Admin 2
01034   Circle Pines Public Works
Centennial Fire Station 3:   1232.0/1743.0
Centennial Lakes Police covers Centerville, Circle Pines, & Lexington
City of Columbia Heights    
00836   Columbia Heights Police Car 2 Car
00838   Columbia Heights Police Admin
00872   Columbia Heights/Hilltop Common
00922   Columbia Heights Fire Tac
00954   Columbia Heights Fire Admin 1
00984   Columbia Heights Fire Admin 2
01036   Columbia Heights Public Works
City of Columbus
01038   Columbus Public Works
01080   Forest Lake Fire Tac
03784   Forest Lake Fire Ops 2
03786   Forest Lake Fire Ops 3
City of Coon Rapids    
00840   Coon Rapids Police Car 2 Car
00842   Coon Rapids Police Admin
00874   Coon Rapids Common
00924   Coon Rapids Fire Tac
00956   Coon Rapids Fire Admin 1
00986   Coon Rapids Fire Admin 2
01040   Coon Rapids Public Works
City of East Bethel
00926   East Bethel Fire Tac
00958   East Bethel Fire Admin 1
00988   East Bethel Fire Admin 2
01042   East Bethel Public Works
City of Fridley    
00844   Fridley Police Car 2 Car
00846   Fridley Police Admin
00876   Fridley Common
00928   Fridley Fire Tac
00960   Fridley Fire Admin 1
00990   Fridley Fire Admin 2
01044   Fridley Public Works
City of Ham Lake
00930   Ham Lake Fire Tac
00962   Ham Lake Fire Admin 1
00992   Ham Lake Fire Admin 2
01046   Ham Lake Public Works
City of Hilltop
00872   Hilltop/Columbia Heights Common
01050   Hilltop Public Works
City of Lexington
00832   Centennial Lakes Police Car 2 Car
00834   Centennial Lakes Police Admin
00878   Lexington/Circle Pines/Lino Lakes Common
00932   Lexington Fire Tac
00964   Lexington Fire Adminn 1
00994   Lexington Fire Admin 2
01052   Lexington Public Works
Centennial Lakes Police covers Centerville, Circle Pines, & Lexington
City of Lino Lakes    
00848   Lino Lakes Police Car 2 Car
00850   Lino Lakes Police Admin
00878   Lino Lakes/Circle Pines/Lexington Common
00934   Centennial Fire Tac
00966   Centennial Fire Admin 1
00996   Centennial Fire Admin 2
01054   Lino Lake Public Works
Centennial Fire Station 3:   1232.0/1743.0
City of Linwood
00936   Linwood Fire Tac
00968   Linwood Fire Admin 1
00998   Linwood Fire Admin 2
01056   Linwood Public Works
City of Oak Grove
00938   Oak Grove Fire Tac
00970   Oak Grove Fire Admin 1
01000   Oak Grove Fire Admin 2
01058   Oak Grove Public Works
City of Ramsey    
00852   Ramsey Police Car 2 Car
00854   Ramsey Police Admin
00880   Ramsey Common
00940   Ramsey Fire Tac
00972   Ramsey Fire Admin 1
01002   Ramsey Fire Admin 2
01060   Ramsey Public Works
City of St. Francis
00856   St. Francis Police Car 2 Car
00858   St. Francis Police Admin
00882   St. Francis/Bethel Common
00942   St. Francis Fire Tac
00974   St. Francis Fire Admin 1
01004   St. Francis Fire Admin 2
01062   St. Francis Public Works
City of Spring Lake Park    
00860   Spring Lake Park Police Car 2 Car
00862   Spring Lake Park Police Admin
00870   Spring Lake Park/Blaine Common
00920   SBM Fire Tac (Spring Lk Park/Blaine/Mounds View)
00952   SBM Fire Admin 1 (Spring Lk Park/Blaine/Mounds View)
00982   SBM Fire Admin 2 (Spring Lk Park/Blaine/Mounds View)
01064   Spring Lake Park Public Works
State of Minnesota
00054   MN State Patrol West Metro Dispatch
00056   MN State Patrol West Metro Car 2 Car
00058   MN State Patrol West Metro Tac 1
00060   MN State Patrol West Metro Tac 2
00066   MN State Patrol West Metro 2540 Area
00070   MN State Patrol West Metro 4560 Area
00074   MN State Patrol East Metro Dispatch
00076   MN State Patrol East Metro Car 2 Car
00078   MN State Patrol East Metro Tac 3
00080   MN State Patrol East Metro Tac 4
00086   MN State Patrol East Metro 2440 Area
00142   MN DNR Metro Wide
00144   MN DNR West Metro
00146   MN DNR East Metro
00156   MN DNR Parks
00158   MN DNR Wildlife
00160   MN DNR Forestry
00286   MN DOT Northwest
00294   MN DOT Forest Lake
00296   MN DOT Spring Lake Park
00300   MN DOT Anoka
154.695    103.5   Lino Lakes Correctional Facility
453.650               Lino Lakes Correctional Facility
155.970               Lino Lakes Correctional Facility
151.265    103.5   MN DNR Carlos Avery
Unit Identification
200's = Allina Ambulance
301-306 = North Ambulance Forest Lake/Lino Lakes (Formerly 3810-3812)
600's = Allina Ambulance
2800 = Anoka County Fire Dispatch
4100-4129 = Forest Lake Fire (Columbus Twnshp)
First Digit: 
1 = Day Shift
2 = Second Shift
3 = Third Shift
4 = Detectives
5 = Community Service Officer
Second Digit:
Adam        =   Andover Squad (Covered by Anoka County Sheriff) (North)
Bravo        =   Anoka Police (North)
David        =   Blaine Police (South)
George      =   Centennial Lakes Police (South) (Circle Pines, Centerville, Lexington)
Heights     =   Columbia Heights Police (South)
Ida            =   Anoka County Sheriff's Transport/Drug Task Force
King          =   Coon Rapids Police (North)
Mary         =   Fridley Police (South)
Nora          =   Ham Lake Squad (Covered by Anoka County Sheriff) (North)
Ocean       =   Anoka County Park Rangers
Robert       =   Lino Lake Police (South)
Union        =   Ramsey Police (North)
Victor        =   St. Francis Police (North)
William      =   Spring Lake Park Police (South)
X-Ray        =   ?
Zebra         =   Anoka County Sheriff's Deputies
Third Digit:
0 = Sergeant
1 = Day Shift Officer/Deputy
2 = Second Shift Officer/Deputy
3 = Third Shift Officer/Deputy
4 =
5 = Community Service Officer
Fourth Digit:
Area of Patrol
Example:  1M02 (1-Mary-0-2) is the Fridley First Shift Sergeant for area 2.
Other Unit Identifications
202-205 = Allina Ambulance (Isanti and Northern Anoka Counties)
301-307 = North Memorial Ambulance Forest Lake/Lino Lakes
600's = Allina Ambulance
The cities of Andover, Columbus, East Bethel, Ham Lake, and Oak Grove have contracts with the Sheriff's Dept. for coverage and do not have their own police departments.

Stie Last Updated: 6/8/09