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Some counties, such as Washington County, use the Priority Dispatch Codes for medical calls.  You can often hear a dispatcher inform a police officer/deputy of a medical call like this: "12 Delta 2 Response."  This would indicate to the responding unit that the call involves a person having multiple seizures.  The most important part of the code is the letter.  "A" or "Alpha" response is NOT life threatening.  "D" Delta and "E" Echo are HIGH PRIORITY, LIFE THREATENING situations.
Alpha Response=Code 1--Low Priority
Bravo Response=Code 2--Mid Priority (calls that may involve First Responders)
Charlie Response=Code 3--Possibly Life Threatening
Delta Response=Code 3--Life Threatening
Echo Response=Code 3--Full Arrest or Imminent Death
Omega Response=Code 1--Lowest Priority
Abdominal Pain
1D1  Not alert
1C1  Fainting or near fainting >50 y/o
1C2  Females fainting or near fainting 12-50 y/o
1C3  Males w/ pain above navel >45 y/o
1C4  Females w/ pain above navel >45 y/o
1A1  Abdominal pain
Allergic Reaction
2E1  Ineffective breathing
2D1  Severe respiratory distress
2D2  Not alert
2D3  Condition worsening
2D4  Swarm attack (bees)
2D5  Snakebite
2C1  Difficulty breathing or swallowing
2C2  Special medications or injections used
2B1  Unknown status (3rd party caller)
2A1  No difficulty breathing or swallowing
2A2  Spider bite
Animal Bites
3D1  Unconscious or arrest
3D2  Not alert
3D3  Dangerous body area
3D4  Large animal
3D5  Exotic animal
3D6  Attack or multiple attack
3B1  Possibly dangerous body part
3B2  Serious hemorrhage
3B3  Unknown status (3rd party caller)
3A1  Not dangerous body area
3A2  Non-recent injuries >6 hours
3A3  Superficial bites
(A=Assault / S=Sexual Assault)
4D1  Unconscious or arrest
4D2  Not alert
4D3  Abnormal breathing
4D4  Dangerous body area
4D5  Multiple victims
4B1  Possibly dangerous body area
4B2  Serious hemorrhage
4B3  Unknown status (3rd party caller)
4A1  Not dangerous body area
4A2  Non-recent injuries >6 hours
Back Pain
5D1  Not alert
5C1  Fainting or near fainting >50 y/o
5A1  Non-traumatic
5A2  Non-recent injuries >6 hours
Breathing Difficulty
6E1  Ineffective breathing
6D1  Severe respiratory distress
6D2  Not alert
6D3  Clammy
6C1  Abnormal breathing
6C2  Cardiac history
Burn Subject
7D1  Unconscious or arrest
7D2  Severe respiratory distress
7D3  Not alert
7D4  Explosion
7D5  Multiple victims
7C1  Building fire w/ persons inside
7C2  Difficulty breathing
7C3  Burns >18% BSA
7B1  Unknown status (3rd party caller)
7A1  Burns <18% BSA
7A2  Fire alarm unknown situation
7A3  Sunburn or minor burn
Hazardous Exposure
8D1  Unconscious or arrest
8D2  Severe respiratory distress
8D4  Not alert
8D5  Multiple victims
8D6  Unknown status (3rd party caller)
8C1  Alert w/ difficulty breathing
8B1  Alert w/o diffuclty breathing
8A1  CO alarm--EMS requested
Cardiac Arrest
9E1  Not breathing at all
9E2  Breathing uncertain
9E3  Hanging
9E4  Strangulation
9E5  Suffocation
9E6  Underwater
9D1  Ineffective breathing
9B1  Obvious Death
Chest Pain
10D1  Severe respiratory distress
10D2  Not alert
10D3  Clammy
10C1  Abnormal breathing
10C2  Cardiac history
10C3  Cocaine
10C4  Breathing normally >35 y/o
10A1  Breathing nomrally <35 y/o
11E1  Choking verified/ineffective breathing
11D1  Not alert
11D2  Abnormal breathing
11A1  Not choking now
12D1  Not breathing
12D2  Continuous or multiple seizures
12D3  Irregular breathing
12D4  Breathing regularly not verified >35 y/o
12C1  Pregnancy
12C2  Diabetic
12C3  Cardiac history
12B1  Breathing regularly not verified <35 y/o
12A1  Not seizing now & breathing verified
Diabetic Problems
13D1  Unconscious
13C1  Not alert
13C2  Abnormal behavior
13C3  Abnormal breathing
13A1  Alert
14D1  Unconscious
14D2  Not alert
14D3  Diving or neck injury
14D4  SCUBA accident
14C1  Alert w/ abnormal breathing
14B1  Alert & breathing normally w/ injuries
14B2  Unknown status(3rd party caller)
14A1  Alert & breathing normally w/o injuries
(E=Electrocution / L=Lightning)
15E1  Not breathing/ineffective breathing
15D1  Unconscious
15D2  Not disconnected from power
15D3  Power not off
15D4  Long fall >6 feet
15D5  Not alert
15D6  Abnormal breathing
15D7  Unknown status (3rd party caller)
15C1  Alert & breathing normally
Eye Problem
16D1  Not alert
16B1  Severe eye injuries
16A1  Moderate eye injuries
16A2  Minor eye injuries
16A3  Medical eye problems
17D1  Dangerous body area
17D2  Long fall >6 feet
17D3  Not alert
17D4  Abnormal breathing
17B1  Possibly dangerous body area
17B2  Serious hemorrhage
17B3  Unknown status (3rd party caller)
17A1  Not dangerous body area
17A2  Non-recent injuries >6 hours
18C1  Not alert
18C2  Abnormal breathing
18C3  Speech problems
18C4  Sudden onset of severe pain
18C5  Numbness or paralysis
18C6  Change in behavior
18B1  Unknown status (3rd party caller)
18A1  Breathing nomrally
Heart Problem
19D1  Severe respiratory distress
19D2  Not alert
19D3  Clammy
19C1  Firing of AICD
19C2  Abnormal breathing
19C3  Chest pain >35 y/o
19C4  Cardiac history
19C5  Cocaine
19C6  Heart rate <50 or >130
19B1  Unknown status (3rd party caller)
19A1  Heart rate >50 or <130 w/o symptoms
19A2  Chest pain <35 y/o w/o symptoms
Environmental Exposure
20D1  Not alert
20C1  Cardiac history
20B1  Change in skin color
20B2  Unknown status (3rd party caller)
20A1  Alert
21D1  Dangerous hemorrhage
21D2  Not alert
21D3  Abnormal breathing
21C1  Hemorrhage through a tube
21B1  Possibly dangerous hemorrhage
21B2  Serious hemorrhage
21B3  Bleeding disorder or blood thinners
21A1  Non-dangerous hemorrhage
21A2  Minor hemorrhage
Industrial Accidents
22D1  Life status questionable
22D2  Caught in machinery
22D3  Multiple victims
22B1  Unknown status (3rd party caller)
(A=Accidental / I=Intentional / P=Poisoning)
23D1  Unconscious
23D2  Severe respiratory distress
23C1  Violent
23C2  Not alert
23C3  Abnormal breathing
23C4  Antidepressants
23C5  Cocaine
23C6  Narcotics
23C7  Acid or alkali
23C8  Unknown status (3rd party caller)
23C9  Poison Control request for response
23B1  Overdose w/o symptoms
23O1  Poisoning w/o priority symptoms
24D1  Breech or cord
24D2  Head visible
24D3  Imminent delivery >5 months
24D4  3rd trimester bleeding
24D5  High risk complications
24D6  Baby born
24C1  2nd trimester hemorrhage or miscarriage
24C2  1st trimester serious hemorrhage
24B1  Labor >5 months
24B2  Unknown status (3rd party caller)
24A1  1st trimester hemorrhage or miscarriage
Psychiatric Problem
25D1  Not alert
25B1  Violent
25B2  Threatening suicide
25B3  Near hanging
25B4  Unknown status (3rd party caller)
25A1  Non-violent & non-suicidal
Sick Call
26D1  Not alert
26C1  Cardiac History
26B1  Unknown status (3rd party caller)
26A1  Non priority symptoms
26A2  Boils
26A3  Bumps
26A4  Cannot sleep
26A5  Cannot urinate
26A6  Catheter problems
26A7  Constipation
26A8  Cramps/spasms
26A9  Cut-off ring request
26A10  Deafness
26A11  Defecation/diarrhea
26A12  Earache
26A13  Enema
26A14  Gout
26A15  Hemorrhoids/piles
26A16  Hepatitis
26A17  Hiccups
26A18  Hungry
26A19  Nervous
26A20  Object stuck
26A21  Object swallowed
26A22  Penis problems
26A23  Rash/skin disorder
26A24  STD
26A25  Sore throat
26A26  Toothache
26A27  Transport only
26A28  Wound infected
Stab/Gunshot/Penetrating Trauma (S, G, or P)
27D1  Unconscious or arrest
27D2  Not alert
27D3  Central wounds
27D4  Multiple wounds
27D5  Multiple victims
27B1  Non-recent injuries >6 hours / central wounds
27B2  Known single peripheral wound
27B3  Serious hemorrhage
27B4  Unknown status (3rd party caller)
27A1  Non-recent >6 hours / peripheral wounds
28C1  Not alert
28C2  Abnormal breathing
28C3  Speech or movement problems
28C4  Numbness or tingling
28C5  Stoke history
28C6  Breathing normally >35 y/o
28B1  Unknown status (3rd party caller)
28A1  Breathing normally <35 y/o
Traffic Collision
29D1A  Major incident (aircraft)
29D1B  Major incident (bus)
29D1D  Major incident (train)
29D1E  Major incident (watercraft)
29D2A  High mechanism (all-terrain)
29D2B  High mechanism (motorcycle)
29D2C  High mechanism (auto-pedestrian)
29D2D  High mechanism (ejection)
29D2E  High mechanism (personal watercraft)
29D2F  High mechanism (rollover)
29D2G  High mechanism (vehicle off bridge/height)
29D4  Pinned
29D5  Not alert
29B1  Injuries
29B2  Multiple victims (one unit)
29B3  Multiple victims (addtional units)
29B4  Serious hemorrhage
29B5  Unknown status (3rd party caller)
29A1  1st party caller w/ non-dangerous injury
Traumatic Injury
30D1  Dangerous body area
30D2  Not alert
30D3  Abnormal breathing
30B1  Possibly dangerous body area
30B2  Serious hemorrhage
30A1  Not dangerous body area
30A2  Non-recent injuries >6 hours
Subject Unconscious
31E1  Ineffective breathing
31D1  Unconscious
31D2  Severe respriatory distress
31D3  Not alert
31C1  Alert w/ abnormal breathing
31C2  Cardiac history
31C3  Multiple fainting episodes
31C4  Single or near fainting episodes & alert
31C5  Female 12-50 y/o w/ abdominal pain
Medical Nature Unknown
32D1  Life status questionable
32B1  Standing, moving, sitting, or talking
32B2  Medical alert notification
32B3  Unknown status (3rd party caller)
(T=Transfer / I=Interfacility)
33D1  Suspected cardiac or respiratory arrest
33C1  Not alert (acute change)
33C2  Abnormal breathing
33C3  Significant hemorrhage or shock
33C4  Possible acute heart problems or MI
33C5  Acute severe pain
33C6  Emergency response requested
33A1  No priority symptoms

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