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County Seat:  St. Cloud
Other Cities:  Albany, Avon, Belgrade, Brooten, Cold Spring, Collegeville, Eden Valley, Elrosa, Fairhaven, Freeport, Greenwald, Holdingford, Kimball, Lake Henry, Meire Grove, Melrose, New Munich, Paynesville, Pleasant Lake, Richmond, Rockville, Roscoe, St. Anthony, St. Augusta, St. Joseph, St. Martin, St. Rosa, St. Stephen, Sartell, Sauk Centre, Spring Hill, Waite Park
St. Cloud Region Simulcast Frequencies (Site 219)
860.4625   Control Channel St. Cloud Region
857.9875   Alternate Control Channel
State of Minnesota Farming (Site 215)
853.3000   Control Channel
852.4500   Alternate Control Channel
852.8500   Alternate Control Channel
State of Minnesota Avon (Site 311)
853.2750   Control Channel
851.2250   Alternate Control Channel
851.6250   Alternate Control Channel
State of Minnesota Belgrade (Site 312)
853.0625   Control Channel
859.7125   Alternate Control Channel
860.7125   Alternate Control Channel
State of Minnesota Grove Township (Site 313)
851.3750   Control Channel
859.4875   Alternate Control Channel
860.4875   Alternate Control Channel
Stearns County
24014   Stearns County Regional Police 1
24038   Stearns County Ops
24046   Stearns County
24048   Stearns County
24050   Stearns County
24414   Stearns County
24418   Stearns County Public Works
24420   Stearns County Public Works
24422   Stearns County Public Works
24474   Stearns County Local Govt EMS 1 (FD/EMS/PD Coordination)
24494   Stearns County Local Govt EMS 2 (FD/EMS/PD Coordination)
24498   Stearns County
24500   Stearns County Local Government Common 1
24502   Stearns County Local Government Common 2
24504   Stearns County Local Government Common 3
24600   Stearns County Sheriff Main 1
24602   Stearns County Sheriff Tac 1
24604   Stearns County Sheriff Tac 2
24606   Stearns County Sheriff Supervisors
24608   Stearns County Sheriff SERT
24628   Stearns County
24630   Stearns County VAMC Police/Security Patch
24640   Stearns County Sheriff 2 Local Main
24642   Stearns County Sheriff Tac 3
24798   Stearns County Sheriff Investigators
24806   Stearns County Jail
24808   Stearns County Jail
24810   Stearns County Jail
24822   Stearns County Fire Main
24834   Stearns County Fire Tac A
24836   Stearns County Fire Tac B
24838   Stearns County Fire Tac C
24434   Gold Cross EMS
24436   Gold Cross EMS
24438   Gold Cross EMS
24440   Gold Cross EMS
24442   Gold Cross EMS
24614   Stearns County EMS
24616   Stearns County EMS
24618   Stearns County EMS
24620   Stearns County EMS
24622   Stearns County EMS
155.625   146.2   Stearns County Dispatch for Police Departments
155.775   146.2   Stearns County Dispatch for Sheriff's Deputies
154.400   146.2   Stearns County Fire Dispatch
155.280              Stearns County EMS
154.890              Stearns County
155.070              Stearns County
155.940   146.2   Stearns County
158.985              Stearns County
453.650              Stearns County Courts
453.950              Stearns County Courts
453.375              Stearns County
156.120   179.9   Stearns County Highway
453.4875            Stearns County Engineers
155.385   118.8   Gold Cross Ambulance to St. Cloud Hospital
155.295      243   Gold Cross Ambulance
City of Albany
155.055              Albany
City of Avon
154.025              Avon
City of Belgrade
154.115              Belgrade
City of Brooten
154.055              Brooten
City of Cold Spring
24712   Cold Spring Police Admin
155.865              Cold Spring
 City of Collegeville
154.980              Collegeville
City of Elrosa
155.745              Elrosa
City of Freeport
155.985              Freeport
City of Holdingford
155.040              Holdingford
City of Kimball
158.865              Kimball
Village of Lake Henry
155.820              Lake Henry
City of Melrose
154.740   146.2   Melrose
155.145              Melrose
City of Paynesville
154.965              Paynesville
159.195              Paynesville
City of Richmond
City of Rockville
24722   Rockville Fire
City of St. Augusta
24854   St. Augusta Fire
City of St. Cloud
24400   St. Cloud Fire Dispatch
24402   St. Cloud Fire 2
24404   St. Cloud Fire 3
24406   St. Cloud Fire 4
24408   St. Cloud Fire 5
24410   St. Cloud Fire 6
24412   St. Cloud Fire 7
24414   St. Cloud Fire 8
24418   St. Cloud Public Works Recycling
24420   St. Cloud Public Works Snowplows
24422   St. Cloud Public Works
24428   St. Cloud Municipal Athletic Conference (MAC)
24430   St. Cloud Airport Maintenance
24444   St. Cloud Police Dispatch 1
24446   St. Cloud Police Ops 1
24448   St. Cloud Police Ops 2
24450   St. Cloud Police Ops 3
24452   St. Cloud Police Ops 4
24454   St. Cloud Police Ops 5
24470   St. Cloud Police Tactical
24496   St. Cloud Police 911
24498   St. Cloud Citywide Common
24552   St. Cloud Fire Emergency
24554   St. Cloud Police Emergency
24626   St. Cloud Civic Center Maintenance
153.965              St. Cloud
155.880              St. Cloud
158.760              St. Cloud
451.1875            St. Cloud
City of St. Joseph
24518   St. Joseph Fire Admin
24526   St. Joseph Police
151.250      071   St. Joseph Police Car 2 Car
155.085              St. Joseph
453.1375            St. Joseph
City of St. Martin
155.805              St. Martin
City of St. Stephen
24538   St. Stephen Fire
154.055              St. Stephen
City of Sartell
24508   Sartell Fire Admin
24826   Sartell Fire Tac 1
24510   Sartell Common
24512   Sartell Police Admin
24514   Sartell Police Tactical
24516   Sartell Police Main
155.145   107.2   Sartell
158.775      143   Sartell
158.865              Sartell
City of Sauk Centre
154.370              Sauk Centre
151.010              Sauk Centre
155.115   146.2   Sauk Centre
453.750   100.0   Sauk Centre
City of Waite Park
24542   Waite Park Fire
24550   Waite Park Police Dispatch
154.965      026   Waite Park Police
155.085              Waite Park
155.115      023   Waite Park Public Works
453.9625            Waite Park
State of Minnesota
24626   St. Cloud State University Athletics
24636   St. Cloud State University Security
154.995   151.4   St. Cloud State University Public Safety
Click Here for more statewide mutual aid frequencies & talkgroups in Central Minnesota
Unit Identification
150's     =   Gold Cross Ambulance
2300's   =   Waite Park Police
2500's   =   Stearns Co. Sheriff Deputies
6400's   =   Cold Springs Police
6600's   =   Albancy Police
6800's   =   Kimball Police
6900's   =   Melrose Police
7100's   =   Paynesville Police
7300's   =   Richmond Police
7700's   =   St. Joseph Police
7800's   =   Sauk Centre Police
7900's   =   Sartell Police
202   =   Avon Fire
108   =   Cold Spring Fire
213   =   Elrosa Fire
217   =   Holdingford Fire
219   =   Kimball Fire
231   =   Rockville Fire
236   =   St. Joseph Fire
241   =   St. Stephen Fire
242   =   Sartell Fire
247   =   Waite Park Fire

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